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Ck Kuebel

Ck Kuebel has vast experience in developing high quality designs, consistently delivering work on time and on budget.

Fluent in art direction and design, Ck has guided many projects from abstract concept to published piece, producing easily navigable, visually rich websites, as well as other promotional design.

A strong education (hey, a great one! collected when living in New Orleans, New York, Paris, southern France and now northern California, with all the experiences inbetween) in art history, architectural design, "fine" art, and interface design, as well as modern and contemporary literature, enhances Ck's ability to create intelligent and rewarding solutions.

Strong writing skills and a solid knowledge of the technical parameters further enables Ck to produce efficient and highly functional work, ensuring superior results.

We focus on the project at hand, and how it enriches our Client's endeavors.

Please look at some of the projects Ck Kuebel has produced, and contact us for more information.